Travel Day in my Life | Indian family | Bangalore to Dubai | Emirates experience – Bangalore Video

published: 2019-06-12 03:00:00

Some objects of desire:

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Kaya’s passport jacket:

Gear I use:

Camera I use:


On Camera microphone:

Lapel Microphone:

Voice over Mic:

On Camera Lights:


Larger Tripod:

Manfrotto PIXI mini Tripod:

My new Mirrorless low light prime lens:

Music: TV Girl : Birds don’t sing


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  1. was eagerly waiting for your Dubai video… and here it is 😁 yaay….me and jia, totally addicted to your videos

  2. Missing your blog, finally ..Enjoy dear.lots of love to u and kaya.

  3. Waiting for new vedio n here it is 💜happy to see u again ✌

  4. The video is finally here ❤ lots of love to u and ur family di …❤❤always keep uploading new videos di ..🤩

  5. Brother u look handsome….no doubt

  6. An excellent view dear💜really it's amazing 😍

  7. Why Lil angel always wears sunglasses.. What happened to her

  8. You both are cute couple ya…view of Dubai is really amazing…have a great time be relax…

  9. Bald is beautiful …parth ur shaved head is handsome as u bruh….cute family…njoi ur vacay Diya.

  10. Ur video quality is dam super……kaya as usual my cutie pie 🥰 I lv u kaya.. n both u look perfect match…cute couple….do more n more videos.i love to watch ur video first…

    Thank u so much

  11. Ofcourse @parth you look handsome… Beautiful fam ….
    RIP negative comments…

  12. Parth doesn't look old at all… U both look amazing together…

  13. Hello Diya.. nice candid discussion 😊 Parth certainly is good looking gentleman …love the way he treats his ladies (Diya & kaya). And he can carry of his scanty hair look quite well.

  14. Parth is handsome…. No one is old… Dont worry diya….. Kaya is so cute…

  15. U husband looks good….even my husband is baldy but I love him the way he is…….

  16. Your phone cover is really object of desire…☺️. I was also wondering about the stroller and you answered. Also, both of you took things in so cool and positive way in the age comment. Also, I see numerous national and international vlogs daily, but m too shy to comment, except for your vlog. 🙂

  17. bro look like aa super heroo😍😍

  18. Love ur vlog ❤️❤️❤️…Yes he is handsome bro 😊

  19. Parth bhaiya is super handsome…. No doubt at all….expecting more vlogs soon… Excited to see vlog notification… Don't know how time passes and video ends…. So stylish and classy editing…


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